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Monthly Pay Question

The Employment Bureau pay agency staff on a monthly basis to ensure there is sufficient time to resolve any timesheet queries that you or the Hiring Manager may have. It also allows students the chance to learn to manage and budget money for the month, a skill the Employment Bureau believes is extremely valuable for life after university.

Timesheet Deadline Question

Employment Bureau temporary staff are paid on a monthly basis in line with the published deadlines which can be found under the useful information section of your Employment Bureau online account.

Whilst payment is made monthly it is expected that you complete your timesheet(s) on a weekly basis. Your timesheet needs to be submitted by 10.00am on the Monday following the previous week. Your hiring manager will need to authorise your timesheet by 2.00pm on the Monday in order to be processed that week. It is your responsibility to ensure that your hiring manager authorises your timesheet by the deadline.

It is important to submit your timesheet weekly as this will enable us to keep your owed holiday pay up to date. It will also enable us to ensure Agency worker regulations come into effect if you are in the same assignment for 13 weeks or more.

If you are a new starter it will also help guarantee we have all of the necessary information and paperwork we require before the payroll is run.

Candidate timesheet instructions found here

Can I register if I am not a student or graduate?

Yes, we accept registrations from all candidates regardless of whether you are a student or graduate of ARU. We have a variety of full time and part time jobs including general office administration, PA, data entry, catering and many more.

New Starters

Is this the first time you have worked, or worked through the Employment Bureau? Please take a look at this handy informative guide

Pensions Auto Enrolment/Re-enrolment

Auto Enrolment/Re-enrolment - What is it?

In a move to encourage greater long-term saving of the UK population towards their retirement, Pensions legislation (The Pensions Act 2008) will require us to automatically enrol people into a pension scheme if they are not already in one. The aim is to help more people have another income, on top of the State Pension, when they retire.

The legislation also requires us to automatically re-enrol employees who have opted out of their workplace pension scheme every three years.

What does this mean for me?

Here are a few key points:

  • For all agency workers who are currently active members of one of our pension schemes there will be no change and no action will be required

The law does not require every employed person to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme - it depends on age and earnings. For agency workers who are not enrolled automatically, we have to provide the opportunity to opt in to a scheme.

Any agency worker, once enrolled, may elect to opt out of the scheme. Every three years, we will be required to re-enrol all eligible staff who, at that time, are not members of a pension scheme, even if you have previously opted out.

How does it affect me?

If you are already a member of the NEST pension scheme then this does not immediately affect you. Your pension scheme membership won't be affected and there is no action you need to take.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions about auto enrolment please email employment-bureau@anglia.ac.uk

For more information about NEST visit: www.nestpensions.org.uk

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