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Teachers of all subjects required – no experience required – training given
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  • Date Posted:
    24 Jul 2019
  • Advertising End Date:
    01 Sep 2020
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The candidate will work in China as a teacher, they will teach using the English language to give Chinese students the ability to understand everyday English in all subjects. The teacher will either teach English (mostly oral), or a subject such as; Fine Arts, Football, Science etc., in English, so the the students are capable of understanding the subject in English.
Salary is dependent on school, subject and location and will be between £1,200 to £1,800 per calendar month. It is around 56% cheaper to live in Hangzhou, for example, than it is to live in England.
Accommodation is provided free, is western style and comfortably close to the workplace. If a teacher wishes to find their own accommodation, this will be paid for, or an allowance given if the rent is deemed to be unreasonable. 
Salary will be between £1,200 pcm to £1,800 pcm depending on school and location. The cost of living is 56% lower in Hangzhou than in England, you can research this online. You will also receive financial support towards the cost of flights. For more information on this please contact Geoff West at geoff.w@haida-hr.com.
Other relevant information
We regularly arrange trips and events to get teachers accustomed to the Chinese culture, we provide ongoing training and support and we of course are GDPR compliant.  You can check YouTube for video's of events etc.... www.haida-hr.com

Support can be given to obtain a Visa so please contact Geoff West for more information at geoff.w@haida-hr.com.

How to apply:
To apply please submit your CV and expression of interest to Geoffrey West geoff.w@haida-hr.com

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